Tuesday, 28 July 2009


photo by SE Young

After admiring a certain dinnerset for several months, I was finally able to bring it home and now share it with you! It is from Marie Claire and is called "Birdsong". It is black and white, but I like the colour affect on the photo (the background is my felt table runner). It replaces two unattractive and mismatched sets that I have been stuck with for years. It is used everyday and it brings me great joy. As I said before, I love birds.


katie said...

the set is so pretty shannon!
i love black and white together, it is so classy.

Toni Brockliss said...

Oh S!!
It's so beautiful...and it fits in with your bird theme!!
It was meant to be.
I love your blog.

louisepower said...

i hate it. it is just as boring and unfriendly as i had imagined. i especially don't like the little flowers... or the shape of the plates.
(june 10).

Shannon said...

Dear Louise I might just let readers know that you are being sarcastic and by mentioning June 10, this means you would indeed love a set of your own! :) You'll have to come over some time and try them out...

Shella said...

love the pic Shannon!! Ive never seen a tablesetting with birds :) it is just too cute! almost too cute to use.