Sunday, 26 July 2009

Theme of the Week - Birds!

As I am new to the world of blogging, I have decided to use themes as a way of organising my posts. Don't worry, they will still be my favourite things! Some of them may be your favourites too...

Week 1 - Birds

I love birds. I cannot really tell you why (not really sure!) but I love them. Perhaps it is their beautiful wings that let them soar through the air. Perhaps it is the sweet little "chirp chirps" to say good morning. I think they are one of God's most magical creatures. So simple and so peaceful. Okay, I live in Austalia and I admit that Magpies are not peaceful (quite dangerous actually). I am talking about sparrows, doves, lorikeets, hummingbirds, you know the sort...

This is the little entry area of our home. Can you spot the lovely little bird? I don't think it will be too hard. I have them scattered in various incarnations throughout our home and my lovely husband doesn't seem to mind. :) Anyway, I hope my birds delight you!

1 comment:

louisepower said...

Shannon... its adorable! Birds- what a fab idea. I'm sure it will get lots of interest and enjoyment. You are such a sweet and classy lady, i love and admire you dearly.
Well done chicki, your blog is sailing beautifully xx