Monday, 21 September 2009

HooHoo! (my first competition)

photo by selmaoglinea (Flickr)

Oh goodness me! These fabrics are too cute for words (especially the owls). If any of you ever spot this owl fabric, please pick it up for me. It is just gorgeous! Hmmm...maybe I could set up a competition...

Okay, whoever finds the "cutest fabric" wins some of my "world famous" handmade bath salts (your choice of scent). This may be hard to judge, but I am up for the task. Send me a photo of your find, I will post it and we can see who gets the most comments. [Hint: You get bonus points if the print involves birds or owls.]

Please get your photos in to me by 7th October...

Good luck!

Shannon :)


dijarvey said...

Well if I had of seen you for Christmas you could have got your prezzy I was saving from KL that is still in my draw at home. It is not the Owl but it could be little birds.It might have to wait now till you birthday :)

Mel Makes Pretty said... has a few of those prints but not the owl one.
If you send her the link or the pic she may be able to source it for you.
Love your blog,

Shannon said...

Oooo! Thanks Mel, will check it out!